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Monday, June 18, 2018

Ronin: The Last Reindeer Cover Feedback

So the sixth book in the Claus Universe is nearing the finish.

I'm way out ahead this year, like six months. The release is scheduled for November 1, 2018. I'll be requesting ARC readers probably in October, but for now I went ahead and got the cover ready. The artist really dialed in on what I requested, but I want your feedback before I moved forward. Take a look and comment. You like?

Any feedback would be fantastic. Tell me what you'd like to see added or taken away or changed. This is your chance to shape this project.

Claus fans, comment below!


  1. I do love this cover. But the red light on the mountain seems to draw the eye right to the mountain. I would like to see more light or sparkle to the reindeer's eye, or if he is evil, some red in his eye.

    1. I've been hung up on the eyes too, not sure how to address them. But maybe a sparkle or reflection of something would be good. Something to add a Christmas tone. Thanks.