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Friday, February 24, 2012

When the Candyhouse is Rocking

My sister-in-law's family is uber-athletic.

Three kids that eat, sleep and breathe baseball, softball and football. Their rooms are decorated with fatheads of Albert Pujols and shelves of shiny, metal awards. They throw like polished athletes. They own two state championships and only one of them is old enough to drive.

Two. State. Championships. And they're not driving.


We're the artsy-fartsy family. We dance, write, design, skateboard and ride horses. We've hit no homeruns, scored zero touchdowns, and never struck out. Our shelves have never seen a trophy. But we can make one mean candyhouse.

We were challenged to a gingerbread house contest. Two families. Two kits. Add any materials you want, as long as they're edible.

You have 90 minutes.



A State Champion.

Left: Pretzel horse with broccoli pasture and chocolate chip dookie
Center: Fruit rollup halfpipe and pretzel stick framing
Right: Graham cracker outhouse with chocolate "filling"
Corners of house: Lifesaver rainbarrels and pretzel stick firewood
Roof: Broccoli green roof with MMs
 Starburst sidewalk
Broccoli shrubbery

Pretzel wood floor
MM dance floor
Candy cane "exercise" pole.

A trophy, at last.

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