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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Like A Boss

It was a gala fundraiser.

I was a lowly volunteer helping with the silent auction. He was sitting in a corner, busy on an iPad. He appeared to be a supervisor of some sort. Events like that require a lot of organization, and this was no exception. So maybe he was one of the organizer-ers.

Later that night, he pulled me aside. "I need some help at the refrigerator."

No problem. Maybe something heavy needed moved. Maybe an urgent delivery needed delivering. I'm your man.

I opened the fridge, there were six bottles of craft beer. Expensive beer. He's said they need moved.

All six of them.

"Okay. Well, do you have a bag?"

He got one. He held it open while I put them inside. Then he set it on the end of a very long counter where all the other silent auction items (none within my pay range) were being organized for attendees to pick up. He said he'd let me take the bag of beer (expensive and craft) to where it belonged.

He pointed ten feet down the counter. "Right there."

All right. So I took the bag of beer. He followed me ten feet down the bar and pointed to the empty spot. I placed it on the empty spot.

He said thank you. Returned to corner. Returned to the iPad.

I thought, maybe he had a really, really bad back. Maybe he thought I'd enjoy moving expensive beer.

Or maybe he was just practicing supervisor-ing.

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