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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dream (Once Again)

13 years now, same dream. Same freaking dream.

Somehow, I lose the job I have now. The job I love. And I have to go back to the golf course in Illinois. I go back as an assistant superintendent, mowing greens on the weekend and changing oil and writing up the job board. And the whole time, I'm thinking, "How the hell did I lose my job?"

And "This sucks."

I've had the dream so many times that now when I find myself clocking in at the shop, I'm thinking, "You know, I always had this dream, that I'd lose my job and end up back here. BUT NOW IT REALLY HAPPENED!"

Followed by, this sucks.

What does this mean?

So after 13 years, I had the dream again last night. Only this time, there was a twist. For the very first time in 13 years, a new angle. This time, as I'm driving in to mow on the weekend, I think something different. I think, "Maybe I'll stay in Charleston and find another job."

I'm a slow-grower. But I'm getting there.

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